Rapido Corporate Partners- Manage your employee travel
Employee travel management

at your fingertips!

Efficient, quick and affordable employee travel solution for your organisation
Rapido Corporate Captain Desktop
Rapido Corporate Captain Mobile
  • Sign up

    for Rapido Corporate

  • Add employees

    via your Corporate console

  • Employees book

    their own cashless rides

  • Trip amount

    gets paid from the Corporate wallet

  • Book ride

    for the employees through App / API

  • Get the consolidated

    expense statement with access to individual trip details/ invoices

  • Track spends

    through the dashboard

  • Lower Expense

    Cut down your expenses by upto 70%! Stop paying for the fake bills. Affordable employee travel solution

  • Travel Tracking

    Track the travels of your employees and have greater control over their time spent, great for on-field employees and MSMEs

  • Increased Productivity

    By reducing the time and mind share of driving/ travelling, get a more productive workforce

  • Painless Reimbursement

    Seamless accounting, no more hassles of individual trip receipts

  • Quick

    Quickest way to reach a destination. The best solution for Indian roads and traffic

  • Accessible

    Tough to reach, crowded places? No problem. Rapido through those nooks and corners

  • Affordable

    Light on the wallet, heavy on savings!

  • Hassle Free

    Forget the driving and parking hassles. Let us handle these for you

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