Why Bike Ride?

Because you like to save time and money while traveling, don't you?
Bike ride offers you much more..

Why Rapido?

At Rapido, we’re committed to create a viable commute option for an urban city dweller, keeping technology at the forefront.


Our vision is to create a community where riders with a spare seat on their two-wheelers get to meet riders open to the idea of sharing a bike ride within small distances in the city.


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Easy bookings - See where the nearest rider is and just request the Ride within seconds. Cancellations are easy too and free!


All the bikes are properly inspected for cleanliness, safety and comfort. The riders are trained for the best behavior with the customer and their backgrounds are checked.


Our pricing is clear and transparent and the price charts are displayed both online and in the app. You can also calculate your fare using our fare calculator to know how much you'll be paying before booking.

Join us..?

If you have a two-wheeler, some spare time? Join the Rapido community here

Register here

In case of any queries mail atpartner@rapido.bike

Connect with us

We would love to hear from you on your experience, good or bad, on using our system with us. You have the option of providing the rating and feedback after every ride. Regarding anything else

just drop a note to: shoutout@rapido.bike

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