We believe in keeping you safe

Safety is our utmost priority. We intend to make every ride safe, convenient and reliable. We have worked hard on designing policies and features that protect our community and maintain highest and strict safety standards.

  • Document Verification and Background Checks:

    We’ve ensured all our Riders have proper documentation including Driving License, Vehicle Registration and Insurance. We also ensure that the Riders joining the community do not have a criminal background particularly cases of sexual offense, crime, felony or substance-abuse.

  • Road Safety:

    To ensure road safety and personal hygiene, Rapido offers Helmets and Shower Caps during every ride. Just ask your rider for the same.

  • Trust and Safety Team:

    Our Trust and Safety Team is available around the clock to offer assistance to our community. If at any point of the ride, you feel that your personal safety is in danger, mail to shoutout@rapido.bike

  • Zero-tolerance Policy:

    Rapido has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy for our Riders. To report suspicions of any drug or alcohol use by Rapido Riders, mail to shoutout@rapido.bike

  • Two-way Ratings:

    Both Riders and pillions rate each other after every ride. If you rate someone below 3, they won’t be assigned your orders till our full investigation and evaluation. Rapido takes all ratings and feedbacks very seriously.


Join us..?

If you have a two-wheeler, some spare time and an urge to earn upto Rs. 30k a month, join the Rapido community by droping as below

Drop us a mail atpartner@rapido.bike

Connect with us

We would love to hear from you on your experience, good or bad, on using our system with us. You have the option of providing the rating and feedback after every ride. Regarding anything else

just drop a note to: shoutout@rapido.bike